Kiki Tyson talks about standing by her man

    Mike Tyson and wife Kiki have been through a lot, including jail time, rape accusations and other marriages.

    Somehow, the two managed to overcome it all, but were there times of doubt?

    KiKi recently spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about how she really felt when the man of her dreams was accused of rape. Did she fear the worst? Find out.

    Get a snippet here and read the rest in the June 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Jamie: So you didn’t judge him; you didn’t feel like the rape case was really about a rape? And all of that other stuff?
    Kiki: No, no. Because I never, ever, for one minute, thought he raped her. I thought he was put away just because of the way he—and I’m putting it in quotations—“conducted” himself. This is a Black man that’s shown the world he doesn’t give an “F.” He had a lot of things going on in his life at that time. But I would go to my grave believing that he didn’t do that. And also, he never treated me that way. He was very respectful and I never picked that up from him.

    Jamie: After all of the controversy that he’s dealt with, does he talk to you about those tough times?
    Kiki: Yeah, we’ve talked about all of the controversy. We just came clean about everything in our lives. Things I would be embarrassed to tell my best friend, my parents, anyone, I told him and vice versa. And the reason I told him was because he was so open and told me things that he never told anyone. It was, like, no secrets.



    Get more from Kiki and Mike in the June 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






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