Marsha changed paths to live her dream

    Growing up in Liverpool, England, Grammy-nominated artist Marsha Ambrosius would never imagine being where she is today. The singer, who currently resides in Philadelphia, told Sister 2 Sister that her life is better than her dreams.

    “I didn’t know what was going to happen when I came to America. I was just like, ‘Oh, I’m doing this poetry thing,’ and then before I knew it I had a deal and I was living in Philly,” she said. “Then 12 years later, I still live in Philly; I can’t get out.“

    Before singing, Marsha’s main focus was basketball, but she quit as a result of an injury, but you can still catch her playing a game every now and again.

    “I played a couple of weeks ago. I play like I have a job now. I’m definitely amazing,” she bragged. “I’ve always been amazing. No one loses their game.”

    Although she’s switched career paths, a constant has been the support she receives from her mom and dad.

    “If I told them I was going to be an astronaut they would be with it. I have those parents, like, ‘You want to do it? Okay, go in it 100 percent.’”

    At first hesitant about Marsha’s change, her father was heartbroken over her sudden career path.

    “He was upset because he didn’t know if I was going to take the music thing seriously and I told him if I did the music thing, I’m going to work with Michael Jackson and he was like, ‘Psht whatever’ and then I called him back a couple months later and I said, “Guess what, sucka?”

    Marsha had the opportunity to write Michael’s song “Butterflies” for his 10th studio album Invincible. "There would never be anyone like him," she said.

    Nothing can top the moments she had working with Michael, but she doesn’t look for anything to beat that; she looks for new experiences.

    “Like seeing a 4-year-old kid in Target that recognizes me, that’s standing by their mother who has no clue who I am. He’s like ‘That’s that lady!’ And he starts singing ‘Far Away’ and the mother is like, ‘What, are you famous or something?’ That’s an amazing moment…,” she said.

    Years later after working with Michael, Marsha, formerly one half of the group Floetry, released her first solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings. For that project, she wanted to show her fans how candid she really is.

    “I want them to know that I’m the realest b!#ch, I’m the realest lover, I’m the realest hater. I’m the realest human being in music that I can be,” she explained. “Even when I wrote ‘I Hope She Cheats,’ some chick out there feels that way. At a moment in my life I may have felt that way, but no one writes that song to get that part of their selves out. I want to make the best sex records, the best make-up/breakup records. I want to make the records that make you believe, make you feel.”

    —Glynnesha Taylor




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