Tami Roman secures book deal

    Tami Roman’s got some more advice to dispense, so she’s coming out with a book!

    The "Basketball Wives" star, who regularly offers up her opinion in Sister 2 Sister,  has a few tips for how to keep your man faithful. She’s got so many in fact that she’s penning a book on how to keep him from cheating.

    “The book is called Mistress One on One and it basically shares tidbits for women on how to keep your man," Tami told Rolling Out magazine. She revealed that she went to a rather unconventional source for advice on how to keep a man from straying: the other woman.

    "We have a lot of infidelity going on," Tami explained, "and I sat down with some women who have been classified as the other woman so I got a chance to pick their brain and use their secret advice to help other women."

    Tami doesn’t necessarily call Mistresses a self-help book so much as a guide on "how to be wise and not."

    That should keep her busy while she’s weighing whether or not to do another season of "Basketball Wives." Whether or not she returns, however, depends on what positive things she has to bring to the show. Don’t worry, though, once "BBW’ wraps up for the season, you’ll still be able to see plenty of Tami every week—and we don’t mean in re-runs!

    The reality TV star revealed that she’ll be joining the cast of a new sitcom for TV One. “I just signed on to be one of the new cast members for a new TV show called ‘Belle’ with TV One which should be out this summer," she beamed. "It stars Ella Joyce from the hit TV series ‘Roc’ and the beautiful Elise Neal from the D.L. Hughley show [‘The Hughleys’] and the legendary Keith David."

    Tami also revealed that she’s "the new face of Bronner Brothers Products.” This is the third line of hair products that Tami has been attached to, but she’s still dealing with the fallout from a deal gone bad with Créme de la Créme.

    The company has sued her for failing to fulfill her duties as their spokeswoman and promoting her own line, Curls By Roman, instead. TMZ.com reports that Créme de la Créme has asked a Texas judge to keep VH1 from airing the show, but Tami is begging the official to deny the request.

    She claims that the Créme de la Créme didn’t pay her on time, therefore not living up to its end of the deal. She also claims in court documents that "Basketball Wives" is pulled from VH1 that it would hurt "millions" of people. 



    —Sonya Eskridge




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