T.O. confronted by babymamas on TV

    Former football player Terrell Owens faced three of his four babymamas on "Dr. Phil" to address deadbeat dad claims.


The women criticized the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for not being in their children’s lives. Terrell, father of four, sat and listened to the women reveal his downfalls as a father and struggle to keep up on monthly child-support payments. Although, Terrell made nearly $80 million throughout his NFL career, he now claims he can’t afford to pay the child support required by the court because he isn’t signed to a team now.

    “Within the media, they think I’m a selfish, arrogant, cocky person,” he explained. “My character has been misportrayed. The media won’t allow me to turn over a new leaf.”

    One of the mothers, Melanie Paige Smith, said that Terrell hasn’t seen their daughter because he won’t buy the plane ticket for her to bring her daughter to see him.

    Kimberly Floyd, mother of Terrell’s 7-year-old daughter says, “Terrell wants to do, literally, the bare minimum.” She said that he has only seen their daughter 12 times in her life and never sends Christmas or birthday gifts.

    Terrell was asked if it was true that a year passed since he last saw his daughter, and he said he wasn’t sure how long it had been.

    “The thing is, with me traveling back and forth, I don’t have a set schedule,” Terrell said. “Pretty much 90 percent of the time every time I’ve reached out it’s been a bad time.”

    The mother of Terrell’s 12-year-old son, Monique Reynolds, said he used their son just to get publicity.

    Although the mothers complained about the lack of quality time Terrell spends with his kids, he said there’s no love loss.

    “I love my kids to death and I definitely want to have that relationship with my kids that I didn’t have with my father,” he said. “With me not being physically, year-round, in the same place as my kids, it’s hard for me to establish that relationship. People may think I’m a deadbeat dad but I was fulfilling my obligations as far as financial support.”

    Dr. Phil suggested that not having a close relationship with his father may be one reason Terrell isn’t living up to his babymamas’ expectations.

    “I didn’t know who my daddy was until I was 10 or 12. Surprising as it may seem, he was living right across the street,” Terrell said.

    Dr. Phil told Terrell that he still has an opportunity to make a connection with his kids. He also told the mothers “If you do anything aggressively or passive aggressively to block his relationship with his children, trust me, the day will come when it will bite you in an ugly, ugly way.”
After the show was over Terrell met with two of his daughters and asked them “Have you been to Magic Mountain? Maybe I can take you guys to Magic Mountain. You can ride the roller coaster.”

    He kissed both on the cheek and told the girls he loved them.

    Watch a clip from the show below.

    —Glynnesha Taylor


    Does Terrell have valid reasons for not being present in his kids’ lives? Are his four babymamas expecting too much from a man with all those children? Leave your comments below.


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