Nia Long onboard for ‘Love Jones’ sequel

    Actress Nia Long is up for doing a Love Jones sequel if all the pieces come together.

    “The story lends itself to a sequel. Not every film should be a sequel but I’m really honored that the audience is asking about it, tweeting about it…. But I do have the passion and the desire to explore the opportunity,” she recently told Urban Daily.

    The 1997 film, featuring Nia as photographer Nina Mosley and Larenz Tate as poet Darius Lovehall, was more than just another movie for Nia.

    Love Jones is my baby,” she said. “It’s what introduced me to the world, though I had done other films before it. It was my first leading role and the story is so beautifully written and shot.”

    While the movie is beloved and sequel chatter has been lively for years, many fans are conflicted about whether they want to see more of Nina and Darius. However, others feel strongly one way or the other. When asked via Facebook, Sister 2 Sister fans didn’t all agree.

    MarkandKesha Shaughnessy wrote: “Yeah, I’d like to see Nina & Darius with a family still doing the poetry & photography while tryin to juggle the responsibilities of raising kids & maintaining a functional relationship….”

    Tia Lindsay disagreed. “No they shouldn’t make a sequel let a classic stay a classic.”

    See photos from Love Jones, Coming to America and other Black film classics.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Which side are you on? Do you want a Love Jones sequel, or should the classic be left alone? Leave your comments below.


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