Wendy Williams eyes radio return

    Wendy Williams would love to return to radio some day, but it’s got to be on her terms.

    Between acting and her TV show, Wendy certiainly is  busy woman these days. Eventually, though, she’d like to get back to her first love.

    With her breakout role in Think Like A Man, Wendy has been bitten by the acting bug and she hopes to do more films in the future. She may have a good shot at it, too, considering that Hollywood has been knocking at her door.

    "Because of that role, I’ve gotten other scripts," Wendy told Andy. "I’m hoping that this summer I will be on a movie set some place doing something. I want to be comedic."


Don’t worry, gossip fans: Wendy will still be serving up some hot dish for at least the next couple of years. She revealed that "The Wendy Williams Show" has been renewed for two more season! 

    "We’re in our third season, and we’ve been renewed for two more after this," said Wendy, who admitted that although she loves doing TV, she does hope to return to radio at some point.

    "There are aspects of radio that I do miss, and I would like to go back to radio and I will." 

A few conditions need to be met before she gets in the soundbooth again, though. "When I go back to radio it’s going to be on my own terms," she asserted. "I don’t want to play music, I want to talk."


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    During her chat with Andy, Wendy also explained why she’s giving Kim Zolciak a pass for being the woman on the side.

    Wendy has always felt some type of way about women dating married men (whether the men are legally separated or not), but she’s softening her stance when it comes to Kim.


"I was struggling first with Kim and Kroy [Biermann] and their happiness," Wendy admitted during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" Sunday night. "As the wife, we never forgive the mistress. We don’t like the side chicks. But I love Kim, and I forgive her."

The love seems to be mutual because Kim tweeted that she thought  Wendy and Andy were very cute on "WWHL."  

And Kim even revealed to Wendy via Twitter, “I will be back on RHOA this coming season!!!”


Wendy also had a bit to say about NeNe Leakes and her budding acting career. The TV host thinks its great that NeNe is expanding her career, she just wishes that her fellow tall would be a little more humble about her opportunities.

    It looks Kim has also made up with Sweetie. Get more on their reunion in today’s Daily Buzz!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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