Alicia Keys praises curvaceous women

    Swizz Beatz isn’t the only guy who appreciates Alicia Keys’ curves, and she’s equally grateful that she’s not a tiny size 2.

    “I think we’re more beautiful when we’re a bit thicker and bigger and more robust. A lot of us feel that we have to be some little, tiny size in order to be beautiful. We’re beautiful, not because of what size we are. We’re beautiful because of how your mind works,” she said on Lifetime’s “The Conversation.”

    “You’re beautiful because you have this gorgeous heart and that comes through way more than you fitting into some size 2 dress,” said Alicia, who was already appreciated for her curves before she had a son. Now that her body has gone through childbirth, things have changed a bit, but the singer is still happy with the way she looks.

    “Your body does things that it never did before. It’s a miracle. It’s incredible. Overall, it’s tremendous and it’s glorious,” she said before sharing stories about breastfeeding and engorgement.

    Alicia, who said she “really loved” pregnancy, didn’t disclose whether she’d be providing a sibling for her son Egypt in the near future, but she and Swizz obviously aren’t putting their sex lives on hold until that decision is made.

    When asked about her favorite sexual position, she said: “Any and all sex positions, actually. I happen to be a traditional kind of girl, but I’m also experimental. We can have fun anytime.”

    Although she’s content not being stick-figure thin, Alicia admitted that she has had some body issue hang-ups in the past.

    “I used to lie about my shoe size. I used to say I was a smaller size and literally shove my feet into the smaller size,” she laughed.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think the image of beauty if changing and becoming more accepting of thicker, full-figured women? Leave your comments below.


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