Angelea expects ‘ANTM’ truth to come out

    Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Angelea Preston, said the details about her All-Star elimination will soon be public knowledge.

    “Part of the truth has come out already about the original outcome, and I believe that the rest of the truth will come out later,” the newlywed and expectant mother told US Weekly.

    Many speculated that the 25-year-old model was originally deemed the winner of cycle 17. The contestants’ last appearance in front of the judges’ panel was reshot after Angelea’s disqualification, leading fans to assume that she had indeed won the title.

    Some believed her surprise exit from the show was due to an unplanned pregnancy. Others entertained the idea that maybe Angelea announced she was the winner of the season before it was declared on-air, which led to her premature departure from the show.

    It’s still unclear exactly why she was disqualified, but for Angelea, life goes on. Not three months after that fateful episode aired, the beauty was exchanging vows with hubby Eric Brown.

    "I’m very excited about things that have been happening in my life recently, like with my marriage and my baby and my career," Angelea said. "I feel very blessed."

    According to the Buffalo, New York native, she and Eric have been together for two years and decided to tie the knot in February.

    "I feel like Eric is more than just my partner—I feel like he’s my best friend. He’s someone I can depend on. I just love him and he’s just so sexy to me . . . But it’s so much more than the physical; we have a deeper connection, and I really love that," explained Angelea. “He said, ‘Let’s just do this. Let’s get married.’”

    The two are now expecting a bouncing baby boy. It won’t be the first child for Eric, and it’s not the first pregnancy for Angelea, whose first baby passed away at a very young 25 weeks old.

    “I feel that with this pregnancy, it’s a second chance for me to be a mother, and it really puts things in perspective about what’s really important in life,” said Angelea, who did admit that she has some anxiety about her current pregnancy.

    “I do tend to worry… just for the simple fact that my daughter was premature and she did pass away, so there’s a lot of nervousness,” she said.

    While speculation about her “ANTM” disqualification continues, Angelea is unfazed by it all. She’s much more concerned with her career and preparing for her baby boy.

    The New York native has an upcoming cameo role in the film Breathe, starring Elise Neal. She’s also still modeling with the Expecting Models agency.

    In addition to all that, she’s focused on becoming a mother.

    “My son is going to look up to me and view me as a role model, so I just want to be the best person that I can be for him,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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