‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 5.15.12

    Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives brought Kesha Nichols and Evelyn Lozada to tears.

    I got your purse, b!*ch

    Monday’s "BBW" started on an ugly note as Tami Roman continued her tirade against Kesha.  Over the usual she said/she said.

    Not since Evelyn’s infamous bottle toss have we seen such rage over something someone supposedly said.

    When Kesha got up to put some distance between herself an Tami, Tami snatched her cast mate’s purse to reel her back in. Instead of falling into the "BBW" vet’s trap, Kesha just continued to back away from the situation. 

    Considering that someone got slapped in the face at the last big group outing, it was probably the smartest thing Kesha could have done.

    We haven’t seen Tami that heated since she started scrapping with Meeka Claxton in Rome. 

    We were shocked (but not surprised) to see that no one stepped in to breakup the tension so that cooler heads could prevail. If Shaunie really is seeking a more balanced, less-violent version of "Basketball Wives," then she as the executive producer absolutely had the power to intervene so that the situation wouldn’t get so far out of hand.


    Come get it!

    Getting her purse back didn’t come without some complications for Kesha, who didn’t want to go anywhere near Tami.

    After asking for Suzie’s help in retrieving her own belongings, Kesha thought the best course of action was to just report her purse stolen. It makes sense since, but Tami thinks Kesha is being childish for sending someone else to go get her stuff.

    If Kesha was going to get her bag back, Tami demanded an apology, Kesha reporting her to the hotel wasn’t exactly in the plans. Tami argued that an adult would just come ask for her property back, which made our brains short circuit.  In our opinion, an adult would never have taken someone else’s purse in the first place!!!

    We’re not sure how its wrong to report your bag stolen, when it was, in fact, stolen! But the rest of the cast pleaded with Kesha not to take the logical step.

    Kesha was so rattled and upset by the incident that she broke down in front of Evelyn and Shaunie, who subsequently also got a little misty eyed. Not enough to make Tami give Kesha back her purse, but at least they could sympathize.


    Catch of the day

    After Kesha decided that it was time for her to leave the island, everyone except Tami went to go swim with the dolphins.

    While they were there, though, they found exactly what they needed to pull prank on Kenya Bell.

    We wonder why the dolphin trainer didn’t find it all weird that these three women would want a bucket of dead fish.


    Gone fishin’

    Since property damage is just a hoot and a half, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie decided that it would be an awesome idea to hide dead fish in Kenya’s room.


    Here comes Jen

    It looks like Kesha cleared out of Tahiti just in time for another storm to start brewing as Jennifer Williams and Kenya Bell arrived on the island.

    Tami was proud of Jen for showing up, despite the fact that she definitely said Jen was only relevant because of Evelyn. Jen and Evelyn aren’t on the best of terms, so Jen would prefer to keep her distance. That might be the best way to ensure that the remainder of the trip is peaceful—especially considering that Evelyn wanted Jen to be uninvited from the tropical getaway.

    Now that Jen is in Tahiti, however,  Evelyn has her sights on her nemesis.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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