David M gears up for freshman release

    David M wants people to learn from his new reggae, R&B and dance infused album titled Here Comes Your Life.

    “I want people to be entertained, like most people, but I also want people to listen to the music and what it’s saying,” David told Sister 2 Sister. “A lot of the songs are culture songs; songs that I hope speak to the mind, not just entertain. A combination of thinking about what I’m saying, but also enjoying what you’re hearing.”

    David started playing the piano at 6-years-old. By the age of 16, he had joined the Youth Orchestra in Jamaica. He not only had a love for music, he also studied law from 17-25, but that was just a detour.

    “I love law. I love studying it, but I love music more and music is a part of me. At some point I had to go back.”

    However, David found a way to sort of merge his two loves with the politically-charged track "Lest We Forget." The song was written in honor of the nation’s progress and the election of Barack Obama to the presidency.

    “’Lest We Forget’ is a song about where we have come as a people and giving thanks to those who have given us these opportunities through sacrifice, the Martin Luther Kings, the Marcus Garveys, the Malcolm Xs,” he explained.

    David, who has written for Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Coco Tea, and JC Lodge, explained why it’s important for him to produce and write his own songs.

    “I’ve written a lot of songs for other people here in Jamaica and I’ve heard them come out and they’re not the way I intended,” he said. “And that’s okay too, because it’s nice to have your music interpreted. On the album I definitely wanted to be able to have the final word in the process and be able to guide it.”

    That desire to have his songs performed the way he envisioned isn’t an indication that David is a control freak. He’s learned patience and to take things as they come.

    “Nothing happens before its time. You can’t force a song. You can’t force an album out. You have to wait to be inspired.”

    Here Comes Your Life will be released in August.
    —Glynnesha Taylor


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