Is Marsha Ambrosius ready for love?

    Marsha Ambrosius is known for making people fall in love with her provocative lyrics, but unfortunately there’s no one specific serving as her musical muse.

    Finding love in the industry is no easy task for Marsha who told Sister 2 Sister that she’s single, but happily dating.

    “It’s horrible, man. It’s one of the freaking worst things to ever try to do. I would never say I’m in a relationship in this industry,” she said admitting that dealing with the media and her career demands leave little time for romance.

    “It’s difficult because right now we’re in this interview while I could’ve been on the phone Skyping, night chat, something to keep communication, but I don’t have that kind of time,” she said.

    While Marsha has been able to keep what relationships she has had out of the press, she’s been unable to stop the gossip. There have been rumors that her love interests might have been women, but she said that it’s completely untrue.

    “I guess heterosexual people don’t brag about how much d!ck they get because that makes them sound like a hoe,” she joked.

    Alongside that rumor, she said the craziest thing she heard was she had a baby.

    “I was like, ‘When? That was awesome!’ Some lady congratulated me and told me someone told her their kids went to the same school, I told her ‘Someone is lying to you.”

    If she wasn’t singing and making hit records, she might’ve had that rumored life.

    “I would’ve been a school teacher, married in a small town, with a white picket fence and a dog. I’ll have that.”

    Marsha told S2S that her second album will hopefully be released this October.

    —Glynnesha Taylor



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