Evelyn Lozada wants to be better

    Evelyn Lozada is promising that she’s going to make more of an effort to clean up her act.

    Evelyn’s still reeling from Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives," which saw Tami Roman unleashing her rage against Kesha Nichols in expectation of an apology. "Last night’s episode was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone. It’s such a sensitive subject for me because I honestly see it from both sides," Evelyn wrote on her blog.

    Being that she could sympathize with both Kesha and Tami, Evelyn was careful not to align herself with one castmate or the other. Hinting that she knows her actions this season have been a bad look, Evelyn told her fans that she’s taking a closer look at how she handles things in the future.

    "I’m not here to condemn or condone anyone especially given some of my choices this season," Evelyn wrote. "However I will say that once again last night’s episode and all that happened forced me to look at and examine myself in ways that I haven’t in the past."

    Viewers and boycotters alike have expressed their distaste for some of the volatile antics on "Basketball Wives" this season, and Evelyn has made her peace with the potential pushback from the public. "No matter what the situation is, I’m realizing that we as grown women are allowing ourselves to be placed in a position for judgment," she reasoned.

    The reality star also echoed sentiments from "BBW" queen bee Shaunie O’Neal, who said earlier this week that VH1 and Shed Media would be working with the cast to present a less-violent show next season. Specifically the network has promised that there will be "no excessive physical confrontations" when the show returns.

    "I’m confident that I speak for many of us on the show that when it comes to creating a better balance for television, we are all working very hard to do just that," Evelyn explained, revealing that some of the cast members have sought out counseling to get themselves under control. "Many of us are getting help for our inner issues and striving to portray a more positive image overall."

    Evelyn added, "Tahiti was just an example of all of us being a true work in progress…Hang in there with us, as we vow to grow and become better!"

    Take a peek behind the scenes of the "Basketball Wives" season 4 reunion taping here!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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