CONFIRMED: Pooch Hall leaving ‘The Game’

    Pooch Hall is officially out of "The Game," but Tia Mowry might return to the show.

    Just days after Tia Mowry announced her exit from "The Game,"  BET has confirmed chatter that Pooch Hall is leaving the show too!

    According to a statement from the network, Pooch won’t be back for season 6 because of his "involvement on a new project." Specifically, he’s working on a Showtime pilot for a series called "Ray Donovan."

    With it’s two main characters out, BET has said that it is currently "in the process of reworking the casting and storyline." Producers also hope that Pooch and Tia will pop in occasionally to "make several guest appearances."

    Even that may not be enough  to satisfy fans that are disappointed with the show’s production since coming to BET. Some viewers are so disgruntled with the changes in the show that they have made a Facebook Page called Save "The Game," and the creators have leveled a strongly worded letter at the network and Akil Productions.

    "We strongly believe that Akil productions and BET used the show as a stepping stool for other projects and ventures," the letter states. "Since the signing with BET, the Akils have produced Jumping the Broom and Sparkle and paid very little attention to the current state of the show. This ultimately lead to what we believe is the demise of the show."

    In particular, group members are displeased with the character development, charging that it play to some of the worst stereotypes about the Black community. "Since the show returned to BET, we’ve seen a ‘ghetto’ Brandy, a gun toting, kush smoking, sex addicted, angry black woman in Tasha," the letter lists, "a drunk in Malik and a marriage that seems to have an issue every other week with Melanie and Derwin.

    Page creators continued, "We received sloppily written story lines that lack continuity, bad lighting and poorly directed episodes. This is sad as television shows on a whole are on a decline especially shows that are a reflection of our community."

    While the departures of both Pooch and Tia might come as a surprise to many, there were signs that trouble was brewing. Recently, Pooch stopped by "Sway In the Morning" and during his chat they called up Tia. Watch what happens when Sway asks about what’s going on with "The Game. " 




    —Sonya Eskridge




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