Emily B. talks avoiding reality rumbles

    Her reality show counterparts might get into a tussle every now and again, but “Love & Hip Hop” star Emily Bustamante explains why she doesn’t get down like that.

    “There are a lot of women who fight on television and I promised myself that I would never do that,” Emily told TheYBF.com. “You don’t have to participate in the madness.”

    Emily, who will not be returning to “Love & Hip Hop,” was a bystander as her former co-stars physically assaulted one another, but she said she wants to set a better example for her kids.

    “My advice to women who are put in bad situations in front of their kids is to shut down!” said Emily, who is passing those lessons on to her daughter.

    “One thing I teach my daughter is to have patience. I’m always calm and I speak to my kids in a calm tone.  I never raise my voice to my daughter. Once you raise your voice, kids stop listening. If I ever need to raise my voice, my kids know I mean business,” she said.

    While she’s instilling life lessons into her children, Emily doesn’t think she’ll have to say much to her daughter about the pressures of celebrity.

    “I allowed her to get on a social networking site with Instagram and she already has 10,000 followers. She already feels judged and there are people stealing her pictures,” Emily said.


    However, the invasion of privacy is only one facet of fame with which stars have to deal. There’s also the harsh criticism from haters. Mama Emily is already addressing that as well.

    “I just teach her to not let other people’s opinions determine who she is or can be,” Emily said.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Why are some reality stars able to avoid the cattiness while others can’t seem to? Leave your comments below.


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