‘Think Like A Man’ banned in France

    There’s word that Steve Harvey’s hit film Think Like a Man won’t be shown in France because of its predominantly Black cast.

    Shortly after controversy erupted over the crowning of Miss Black France, there’s news that Think Like A Man has been banned in France for a lack of diversity.

    GlobalVoicesOnline.org addressed how an American film plays an important role in the French social issue. Writer Fabienne Flessel argues that French films typically do not reflect the country’s ethnic diversity. Tthe recent success of Les Intouchables, starring French actor Omar Sy, brought about some hope, but not lasting change.

    A note from the Facebook page Negro News mentions that although the film is supportive of an all-Black cast, French media supports mixed couples. “The French state has had a sociopolitical strategy which favors interracial relationships rather than valuing communities. In the comedy Think Like A Man, the focus is on black couples," the post reads.

    However it should be pointed out that Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara star in the film as an interracial couple.

    The point of contention over the Miss Black France pageant and Think Like a Man theater screenings is that the French society refuses to screen positive images of African Americans who receive little representation in the media. But does it also send a message of “reverse discrimination”? Francois Durpaire, historian and specialist of cultural diversity posed the question, “what if a fair blonde French young woman wants to participate?”


    UPDATE 5.24.12: Sony Pictures has denied the allegations that Think Like A Man is banned in France. Get the deets!



    —Malaika Nicholas




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