‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 5.22.12

    Welcome to Tahiti (part 2)

    Kenya Bell came prepared for an altercation with Evelyn Lozada, who had her sights on ex-BFF Jennifer Williams. 

    Just as Kesha Nichols was waving goodbye to Tahiti, Kenya and Jennifer were just touching down.

    A full day of travel will take the wind out of anyone’s sails, so it seemed like Jenn and Kenya were content to just get some rest before jumping into the fray. Unfortunately, while Jenn had done a great job of avoiding her castmates on the way in, Evelyn rode by her balcony with Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman in tow.

    On sight, Jenn was the immediate topic of conversation: Should they wave hello or not? What room is she staying in? Why does she act like a Barbie doll? Clearly, the ladies were covering all the tough questions.

    Evelyn questioned Jenn’s loyalty this season, but we do recall a time when Evelyn suggested that Jenn cheat on her estranged hubby, Eric Williams.

    We’re not saying…we’re just saying.

    Jet Skis!

    It can’t all be screaming matches and sabotage.  The girls are in Tahiti, so they decided to get out on the water for some fast fun.  Thankfully, they didn’t come home with any souvenirs from the sea, but Shaunie seemed to be having a great time with her driver!


    Kenya comes for Evelyn

    Kenya ain’t afraid of Evelyn! In fact, she’s so fearless, she even came prepared for a fight with Evelyn.

    But Shaunie and Tami had to pull her out of her room and away from her books first. When the pair arrived at Kenya’s room, they were knocked out by the smell of their own fishy prank in Kenya’s room; but the cast newbie didn’t seem to be bothered by the odor.

    They thought she was a little weird for not immediately requesting a different room, but Tami was most perplexed by Kenya’s behavior at lunch. Kenya sat away from the table and was very reserved while talking to her castmates. They call it crazy, we call it cautious.

    Since everyone at the table seemed to have a case of Tahitian amnesia, Kenya had to remind them:

    1) Evelyn threw a bottle at her.
    2) Evelyn smacked Jenn in the head with her purse.
    3) Evelyn’s assistant, Nia Crooks, slapped Jenn in the face.

    To jog your memory, Tami demanded an apology from Kesha last week (which she never got) after stealing Kesha’s purse. This week, Evelyn didn’t feel she needed to say sorry to Kenya for throwing a bottle. She excused her actions by just saying she was so angry.

    Oh, "Basketball Wives." Contradictions abound every week.

    And for the last time: Jenn did not ask to be slapped in the face! She was being sarcastic in her response to a threat. Is that completely lost on these women?


    Hey, Jen!

    Although Shaunie and Tami were more than happy to pretend Jenn didn’t exist when they were on a boat with Evelyn, the two were a bit miffed that Jenn took so long to reveal herself.

    Jenn’s aim was to stay away from drama (read: Evelyn), which in this case means that she’s probably not going to be able to hang out with Tami and Shaunie. And for all intents and purposes, Jenn feels like she’s gained all the closure she needs on her defunct friendship with Evelyn.


    Evelyn confronts Jenn

    Evelyn seems to still need closure, and she came up from the beach to get it. Too bad for her, Jenn straight up said she had no interest in talking about their issues.

    Jenn’s resistance aside, Evelyn continued on with the conversation and it didn’t end well.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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