Meeka Claxton getting no sympathy

    If Meeka Claxton was looking for sympathy from “Basketball Wives” protestors, she’s likely disappointed.

    “You’re a non-factor. Who cares about you? I couldn’t even figure out why you signed up to be on the show,” Wendy Williams responded after hearing about Meeka’s recent gripe over the ton of backlash the series is now getting.

    "Why would you be on that show with those trouble-making girls, Mrs. Claxton?" Wendy asked rhetorically, noting that Meeka was only woman on the show to have an actual husband in the NBA.

    In a recent blog post, Meeka specifically called out Wendy who she said she contacted last year in hopes the talk-show host would take a stand against the violence on the series.

    “Where was all of this ’Call To Action’ last year? Am I less of a human being?” asked Meeka who endured bullying during season 3 of the series and was ultimately struck in the face by a cast member.

    The boycott of “Basketball Wives” and its upcoming spin-off “Ev & Ochco” only seemed to catch on after newcomer Kesha Nichols was subjected to bullying on the series. While some wonder whether skin color is the underlying difference, other fans of the show site another, more significant difference between Kesha, who is biracial, and Meeka.

    “Meeka [that’s] because u were a troublemaker. I don’t see Keisha talking $h!t. U got punched in the face b/c u had a big mouth and were a liar,” said S2S Facebook user Alecia Grant.

    As for Wendy, she said that at the time of Meeka’s request, she didn’t realize the violence on “BBW” was going to be a recurring theme.

    “I thought that was just a one-time thing, I didn’t know that the fighting and kicking and screaming was going to continue," Wendy said in her defense.


    See photos of Meeka, Kandi Burruss, Toya Wright and more at the S2S Ladies’ Night.



    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you agree with Wendy that Meeka’s ordeal didn’t rally the troops because she’s generally disliked, while "BBW" viewers like Kesha? Leave your comments below.


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