Usher accuses Tameka Foster of attack

    Usher has accused his ex-wife of attacking him and his new love in the midst of a jealous rage.

    Fresh off of his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, the "Climax" singer testified in court that Tameka Foster got physical when he showed up to her house with his new girlfriend, Grace Miguel.

    In video obtained by, Usher states that he didn’t just show up at the house with Grace, he was dropping of one of his older sons with Tameka, Usher Raymond V. In an attempt to avoid a scene, Usher parked his vehicle at a distance from the home, but to no avail.

    The singer claims that Tameka met him at the door with a plate of food. When Usher started off towards the end of the long driveway, his ex-wife asked why he’d parked so far away. At first Usher claims that he refused to explain himself and just told her to go back in the house.

    TMZ reports that he told the court that Tameka approached his car, where she threatend him and Grace. "’I’m gonna kick your ass. B_tc#, get out of the car.’" Usher claims Tameka said. "’How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?’"

    Usher charges that Tameka then turned back on Grace. "She continued to swing and spit," Usher said. "At this point she pulled the door open, and began to pull Ms. Miguel and hit her…tried to swing at her.”

    That’s when the singer said he tried to jump in and break up the altercation, but he got hit by Tameka.

    In his retreat from the scene, Usher claims that Tameka threw a plate of food at his car as he sped away.

    Testimony became a little tougher for Usher when faced with allegations that he puts partying ahead of his children.

    According to E! News Tameka’s legal team presented Usher with a picture of him having a good time in Europe back in February. Although he tried to explain what was going on in the picture, the judge reminded him that it was only his job to answer questions.


    S2S attempted to reach out to Tameka, but had not gotten a response as of press time.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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