Denise Vasi talks “Single Ladies” life choices

    Get to know Denise’s character Raquel Lancaster and find out why she ends her engagement!

    Denise Vasi’s character Raquel Lancaster is picking up where Val left off on "Single Ladies." Find out a little more about Raquel’s life before getting into fashion and get an idea of where she’s headed.

    Denise is the newest addition to the cast of VH1’s hit show, "Single Ladies." She plays the role of Raquel, a newcomer to the world of fashion from one of the most prestigious families in Atlanta.

    Denise stars alongside "Single Ladies" vets LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha Greene) and Charity Shea (April Goldberg).

    This is not Denise’s first time being on television, and she said she has no worries about being the new kid on the block down in Atlanta. For almost four years she starred as Randi Hubbard on the soap opera "All My Children." Although Denise and her character Raquel do share some commonalities, Denise said they also have their differences.

    “Raquel is the hopeless romantic, gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m not necessarily like that. I am more of a person who waits for someone to prove themselves to me before hand,” she said.

    Denise explained that when audiences first meet her character, she is engaged to someone who she thinks is right for her.

    “She’s almost not present in the world that she’s living in until she discovers her fiancé cheating on her,” she said.

    Raquel’s journey throughout the season will be centered around finding herself and doing what is right for her for the first time in her life.

    “She has to question, ‘Why am I doing these things? Do I really want to be with this man, and is this relationship fulfilling enough for me? Is my job fulfilling enough for me? Am I following my dreams and what I really wanted to do with my life?” she said.

    When given the opportunity to buy a store and dive head first into the fashion business, she jumps wholeheartedly into the new endeavor. Denise said that fashion was something that her character always wanted to take part in, but her mother looked down on it.

    Denise said that audiences can expect for her character to evolve more and more every episode.

    “You’ll see how she’s really just coming into her own, finding her spirit again, rediscovering the things that she loves and just being who she is inside for the first time its been an incredible experience because you don’t know what to expect from her, there’s something new every single episode,” she said.
    Check out Season 2 of VH1’s Single Ladies, which airs on Monday, May 28 at 9 pm.



    —Kimberly Glascoe




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