Lil Kim caring for ailing father

    At night Lil Kim lights up the stage during her comeback tour, but by day she is a daughter concerned for her father’s health. 

    In the middle of her highly anticipated Return of the Queen Tour, Lil Kim recently told OK! magazine that her father, Linwood Jones, is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease and she has opened her home to take care of him.


Although the doctors have not officially diagnosed Kim’s father with Alzheimer’s she said she “knows.”

    “We have to feed him because he can’t make his own food. He can’t really pour juice. He can get dressed, but we have to help him sometimes. Basically we have to help him do almost everything. He can walk around and stuff like that. And again, it’s early stages.”


In addition to health issues, Kim’s father was also experiencing ex-wife woes. The combination of the two urged Lil Kim to put their differences aside and have her father move-in with her for full time care.

    It doesn’t matter that her father wasn’t always there for her, according to the 37-year-old rapper.

    “Well, I am a child of God,” she said. “I believe in God, and I also believe in the quote ‘honor thy mother and thy father.’ No matter what, I’m always going to be there for my family,” she said.

    —Kia Jefferson

    If you were in Lil Kim’s shoes, would you take care of your parents in this condition or place them in a nursing home? Leave your comments below.


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