Meeka Claxton responds to Wendy Williams

    Meeka Claxton wants to clear up a few misconceptions about her blog comments on the recent “Basketball Wives” backlash.

    “I wasn’t directing the letter at the fans. I know what they saw put together to [make me] look like the villain,” she said referring to the way she was portrayed on “Basketball Wives.”

    “I wasn’t the most well-received character. So, I figured that they wouldn’t see anything wrong with it. Only some people with sense would see something wrong with violence,” she said, mentioning Royce Reed as the only one of her co-stars who supported her after she was struck in the face by a fellow castmate during season 3.

    Meeka’s letter was directed specifically to talk-show hosts Sherri Shepherd and Wendy Williams, sisters who she had previously reached out to because of their high-profile platforms that could get the anti-bullying message out to the public.

    “That’s what I was looking for, their support as far as these talk-show hosts,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “It kind of bothered me that now they were taking a stand.”

    Meeka said she did have a conversation with Sherri at one point, and “The View” co-host agreed that violence on shows like “Basketball Wives” should end, but couldn’t promise her the topic would be broached on “The View.”

    However, Meeka never heard from Wendy, who responded to Meeka’s blog Tuesday by referring to the former reality star as a “non-factor.”

    “My jaw dropped,” Meeka said, describing her reaction when she read about Wendy’s response.

    “I had reached out to Wendy because I felt that we were parallel. She would feel that this violence is making us look bad and things of that nature. So, the comments that ‘no one cares about you’ and ‘you’re a non-factor,’ honestly, that’s f_cked up,” Meeka said.

    Wendy questioned why Meeka, who is one of the few stars of the show who is actually married to a basketball player, even signed on for the show.

    “I know that you’ve got a very large mansion out on Long Island. I know that [husband, Speedy CLaxton] still has his money. He loves you and adores you, so why would you be on the show with those trouble-making girls? That’s a stupid decision, Mrs. Claxton.” Wendy said.

    Meeka described it as “disheartening” that Wendy, who shares her goal of protecting the image of minority women on TV, found it necessary to try to embarrass her on TV.

    Regardless of what “Basketball Wives” fans, boycotters or talk-show hosts have to say, Meeka, who never dropped her suit against the co-star who assaulted her in Italy, said she knows right from wrong and that helps her stand firm.

    “What’s wrong now was wrong last year. It’s not cute to be on TV doing things like that. That’s not the way you should be acting,” she said.

    Listen to a clip of Meeka’s interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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