Will Smith explains reporter smack

    Will Smith is not the least bit apologetic for lightly smacking an overly affectionate male journalist.

    “We’re doing an interview, and he says, ‘I’m your biggest fan. Can I have a hug?’ and I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in to like kiss me,” Will told David Letterman.

    “It’s just awkward, Dave,” said Will, who subsequently smacked the Ukrainian reporter in the face.

    While some suggested that Will’s reaction bordered on homophobic, many seemed to completely understand why the married man didn’t want to lock lips with a total stranger. Some even commented that Will was far too kind.

    “He didn’t slap him hard enough! That was a total violation!!” wrote S2S Facebook user Monique Hicks.

    Halle Berry told “Access Hollywood” that it’s all a matter of people’s personal boundaries.

    “Everybody has their own comfort level. Some people go along with cheeky things like that. Other people have nothing to do with it, and it’s a personal thing. Whatever happened happened,” Halle said.

    According to reports, the journalist who attempted to plant a big one on Will has a reputation for trying to solicit uncharacteristic reactions from celebrities.

    “That’s what they were saying. They were like, ‘Oh no, we’re sorry. It’s just his shtick.’ Well, that’s why his a$$ got shtuck,” Will joked.

    Watch Will and Dave below.



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    —Tracy L. Scott


    If it’s true that Will wouldn’t have responded the same way to a female reporter who tried to kiss him on the mouth, does that make him homophobic? Leave your comments below.


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