Chrissy co-signs on producer-hyped reality

    Like others before her, reality star Chrissy Lampkin is pointing the finger at her show’s producers for instigating drama.

    “They would always bring somebody to challenge me. I would knock ’em down and they would bring somebody else,” the "Love & Hip Hop" breakout star recently told Vibe.

    “They would go as far as telling the new girl, ‘Chrissy thinks she’s Queen Bee around here, so we need you to step up because nobody here has a strong enough personality. We need you to shut it down.’ They were feeding people this negative energy from the door,” she said.

    However, Chrissy didn’t make excuses for her own behavior. She took responsibility for engaging in physical altercations on the show, and explained that things often got emotional for her because she was frustrated.

    “I was easily angered because I signed up for something that was supposed to be about girl power and women embracing each other in this crazy world of hip-hop. I thought it was gonna be more of a support thing instead of ‘Gladiators,’” Chrissy said, adding that she is working to better control her temper.

    “Who am I to put my hands on somebody else?” she reasoned.

    While Chrissy admitted to having some regrets about things that happened on the show, she does consider herself a role model when it comes to demanding respect from others.

    “I guess if somebody is afraid to speak their mind and wanna stand up for themselves, then yes. I want people to realize that they can have whatever they want. You can be respected in your relationship exactly the way you want to be. It’s up to you to go get it,” she said.

    It remains to be seen which life lessons will come from Chrissy’s spin-off show with her fiancé, rapper Jim Jones, but she assured viewers that she won’t be pandering to reality TV cameras.

    “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna allow somebody to make a fool of me because the cameras are rolling,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Reality stars continue to point the finger of blame at producers. Should the shows’ producers be more responsible about what they show, or are they excused because they’re doing their jobs? Leave your comments below.


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