Kim Kimble brings creativity to WE tv

    One would think that hair salon drama usually happens at the hands of those in the chairs, but in WE tv’s newest reality show, we see that the lives of those behind the chairs can be just as entertaining—especially when the stylists have their hands on the strands of Hollywood’s elite.

    “L.A. Hair” follows hairstylist to the stars Kim Kimble as she opens the doors to her salon for viewers to get a peak at what goes on behind the scenes with Kim and her oh-so—ahem—dramatic salon staff.

    From divas Angela and Anthony to the real-talk brotha Terry, and even Kim’s no-nonsense mom Jasmine, we get to see how these personalities coexist not just as coworkers, but also as family, with Kim at the wheel.

    And if watching those relationships flourish (and sometimes come to a crossroads) wasn’t enough, add in Kim’s A-list clientele, which includes names like Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union (including some of those TSA-resistant weaves that Gabrielle tweets about!), Laila Ali and Brandy (You can thank Kim for Brandy’s fabulous 2012 Billboard Awards’ look. Can you say fierce?!).

    Kim does more than work behind a chair; you can also find her on-set. In fact, she recently added Sparkle to her star-studded resume as the head hairstylist for the movie. Kim reminisced about interacting with Whitney on-set: “I didn’t have time to be star-struck,” Kim said. “She was really personable and had a great personality and spirit. One thing I wanna say about her is that every day she taught me something. … We’d been in there having praise & worship, we’d be in there singing. I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m singin’ with Whitney Houston?!’ … We had a great time and we felt good every day.”

    Kim’s love for the star exceeded past her death, as she also did Whitney’s hair for her funeral.

    Kim and her team pride themselves on education: educating her customers on their hair, and now, educating viewers. And what better way to do it than in reality-show form? One of Kim’s hairstylists, Angela, who we’re sure to see lots of drama from this season, agreed. “I think the main thing that I would like people to get [from the show] is to see great hair and to get a lot of hair tips on healthy hair and style,” she said. “Everybody goes to get their hair done; they’ve been to the salon at one point in time, so our show is just very relatable.”

    Get schooled by Kim and her team when “L.A. Hair” premieres Thursday, May 31 on WE tv at 10 p.m.



    —Ariana Gordon



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