Terrell Tilford talks humor and sex appeal

    “Single Ladies” newcomer Terrell Tilford has showcased his acting skills on film, stage and television.

    As a matter of fact he’s worked with LisaRaye McCoy before on “All of Us,” where he played her love interest “trying to steal her away from Duane Martin.”

    Terrell loves working with the sultry actress again and has much respect for her because “she keeps her hustle and grind on all the time.”

    His chiseled good looks have landed Terrell plenty of romantic roles next to beautiful women, like Daphnee Duplaix (“One Life to Live”) and Malinda Williams (“Soul Food”).  But, when asked what makes him sexy, his response had nothing to do with his outward appearance.

    “It’s probably my stupidity,” he answered. “I do impromptu music videos around the house. Whatever song is on, I may break out the tap shoes, or pull out some platform Bootsy Collins boots or something like that, and I might just rock the house.”

    As far as the ladies are concerned, Terrell said, “If I can keep somebody laughing and, you know, we can keep it silly and fun and not take ourselves too seriously, for me that’s the ultimate sexy right there.”

    He truly takes sexy to a new fun level. Terrell even has a tattoo of a rooster covering his entire left thigh. That’s right, from the knee up to the hip, with a few choice feathers venturing dangerously close to the left cheek. “Everybody’s always talking about my cock,” Terrell joked.

    He was born in the Year of the Rooster and ever since, he’s been infatuated with them because they are protectors. “People underestimate roosters," Terrell explaiend. "They’re the first ones up in the morning to make sure everything is cool. Once everything is settled, then he let’s it out."

    In addition to acting, Terrell is also involved in the art world. He’s been painting for the past 15 years, and he’s currently looking for a studio. “I need a space to go and just smoke a cigar and have a glass of wine and just paint,” he told S2S. Terrell also represents an array of painters, photographers, and sculptors.

    Between shooting steamy scenes for “Single Ladies” and producing art shows, Terrell has been producing The Broken Roads. The film, which boasts Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland as the lead, has already been edited; the soundtrack is in the mastering process. The release date has not been determined yet, but the film should hit theaters soon.

    For more information on what’s going on with Terrell, he is offering a free download of the Terrell Tilford App on iTunes, which includes behind the scenes footage from his latest TV and film appearances, updates on his art shows, and his inside scoop on hot spots he has discovered through his travels.



    —Stephanie Dayton




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