Bobby Brown’s other children speak

    Bobby Brown’s other kids said they did not see the drug abuse and dysfunction between him and Whitney Houston while they were growing up.

    LaPrincia, Bobby’s daughter from a previous relationship, said she was unaware of the issues that pervaded Bobby’s relationship with Whitney. Though the problems were reported by many media outlets throughout the years, the kids say it didn’t affect their home life for quite some time

    "Are you talking about drugs?" LaPrincia said when asked by NBC if she ever saw any signs of substance abuse with Bobby and Whitney. "I never in my life ever seen that."

    Her brother Landon echoed her sentiments, stating that although he knew of the rumors, he never witnessed anything to reflect them.

    "I heard a lot of stuff in the media when I was younger, and I was completely oblivious to that," said Landon, who once lived with Bobby and Whitney. "I didn’t know anything was going on."

    LaPrincia recalls that when the rumors became too persistent, Bobby came clean to her about what she might hear. "He didn’t tell me exactly what drug he might have been doing," she said, "but he did let me know that it was something that he was in the wrong for, that he had done, and he was going to try and get better."

    She added, "That’s all you can really hope for."

    These days Bobby’s kids are confident that their dad has made a full recovery and that he won’t be using again. "I don’t have any fears," said Bobby Brown Jr. "My father is a very strong man…. He’s progressed so much."

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    —Sonya Eskridge




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