KeKe Palmer flips fairy tale in ‘Rags’

    KeKe Palmer’s flipping the whole Cinderella story around in the Nickelodeon TV movie Rags.

    Up until now, the prince has always been the one to save Cinderella from a life of servitude under the control of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But in Rags, KeKe’s saving the day (and being saved) as pop princess Kadee Worth. She’s rescuing the title character Rags, who’s real name is Charlie, who wants to make a real name for himself in the music business.

    Rags, in this aspect, really bucks the traditional fairy tale. "This time you get to see a guy in that position. It lets guys know that everybody has dreams and you don’t have to be afraid to them shine. You don’t have to let other people tell you what you can or cannot do,"  KeKe told S2S. "Usually you see girls going through that."

    In the traditional Cinderella story, readers don’t find out much about the prince, but producer Nick Cannon and KeKe wanted to change that too. They thought it would be a good ideas to give the audience a better idea of the girl behind the lights with Rags.

    Who’s Kadee? Only the most talented teen on the planet! Think Beyoncé in the early days of Destiny’s Child. She’s got looks, a great voice, fame, fans and her face on the side of a bus! It’s a life that most people can only dream about. Unfortunately, none of that make her very happy. 

    "It was important to show that just because you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing it in the way that you want," KeKe explained about Kadee’s dilemma. "She loves singing, she loves to do music, but the music she’s doing is not all music from her heart."

    Kadee will have a lot of conflicted moments in the movie, especially in her strained relationship with her dad (played by Isaiah Mustafa). When she runs into Charlie, though, everything in their worlds change. He’s finally getting to live out his dreams, and Kadee’s getting to sing music that touches her soul.  But if KeKe hadn’t stepped in, their harmony might have gone a little flat.

    KeKe also acts a producer on Rags; as such she gets a lot of say on the script. Much like her character on "True Jackson VP," KeKe got to custom make some parts of the story. For example, the whole Charlie  character got a complete makeover for Rags. He’s supposed to be a cool guy, but when she read the initial script, KeKe thought he was kind of a jerk.

    "You more so didn’t like him.  Some of the stuff was too smart aleck-y," KeKe told us. "He had to be still cool and strong, but if he was too strong, then it wouldn’t have matched for why he couldn’t get from under his father’s thumb."

    See if KeKe helped writers strike a balance with Charlie (played by Max Schneider), when Rags airs May 28 at 8 p.m on Nickelodeon. Get a peek at the movie below first!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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