Sean Kingston owes $70k+ to landlord?

    Sean Kingston has been called out for allegedly being a bad tenant, and his landlord wants him to pay up.

    The "Beautiful Girls" singer has found himself in yet another Memorial Day weekend disaster. reports that Sean’s landlord has filed suit against him, claiming that he trashed her Miami mansion before skipping out on his lease.

    Supposedly, it costs about $25,000 per month to rent the abode, where Sean and his mom had been living for a while. They left the house last October because Sean was having nightmare about his jet ski accident last May.

    When Sean and his mother moved out, there was still two months left on the lease and the two are said to have left behind quite a bit of damage. According to court documents, there were broken sprinkler heads and landscaping lights, holes in the wall, and a broken railing around the waterfront dock at the time of their departure.

    Now, the landlord is seeking $21,397 in damages to the property and $50,000 in rent for the last two months of Sean’s lease. She also wants $2,400 in past due rent.

    In total, the landlord is seeking $73,816.85 from Sean and his mom, but the singer has yet to comment on the matter.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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