‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 5.29.12

    Did Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada pull S2S into the drama on the season finale of "Basketball Wives"?!

    Shaunie’s over it…

    Much like her viewers, Shaunie O’Neal is tired of all the back and forth between Evelyn and her former BFF Jennifer Williams.

    On the last episode, Evelyn tried to force a confrontation to discuss her problems, but Jenn didn’t want to talk, so she left. Instead of just letting her walk off, Shaunie followed Jenn to her room to convince her to have a sit-down with Evelyn.

    We didn’t see Shaunie work this hard to get Evelyn to talk when Jenn tried to resolve their beef between seasons 3 and 4. And we didn’t see her advocate for Jenn during the season 4 premiere. Just saying.

    At the beginning of the season, Jenn wanted to talk, but Evelyn didn’t. Now Evelyn wants to talk, but Jenn’s not hearing it. My, how the tables have turned.

    Mind your own vagina

    Evelyn finally got what she wanted: A chance to yell at Jenn and air some dirty laundry.

    Ever since Evelyn found out that Jenn was headed to Tahiti, she’d been going on and on about getting a chance to talk to her and gain closure. But her attempts always seemed like nothing more than her telling Jenn why she’s wrong.

    But in her rant, Evelyn got to the heart of the matter by stating that she felt Jenn was trying to make her look bad for marrying NFL player Chad Ochocinco.

    So that’s what Evelyn’s been salty about this whole season? She felt like Jenn was trying to clown her?!  We thought they had addressed that in the season premiere.

    During their discussion, Evelyn explained she didn’t appreciate Jenn doing interviews and blogs about their drama. And Ev held up Jenn’s chat with S2S as an example. 

    Jenn chatted with us some months back, before the trip to Tahiti, and Evelyn went off! While Jenn denied doing the interview, Tami said she got a transcript of the chat with our fine publication (available wherever magazines are sold…or you can always get a subscription).

    Parting gifts and product placement

    Evelyn wanted to make sure that all the ladies left Tahiti with a little token of her affection. What better way to do that than to unveil her new line of cosmetics, E by Evelyn Lozada?

    According to Tami, the same people that produce Mac did Evelyn’s line, so these should be some high-quality cosmetics.  Oh yeah, and she wrote some notes for the girls, too.

    Jenn and Kenya Bell were not in attendance for dinner since they took off shortly after the beachfront confrontation. Neither one of them saw a reason to stick around, so they packed up and went home. 

    We’re not sure if there’s a record for driving people from an island paradise, but these women had to have broken it.

    Royce wants a recap

    A real friend will tell you when you’re wrong.  It’s too bad that not everyone is open to correction, though.

    When Kesha Nichols got back from Tahiti, she told Royce what went down with her and Tami.  Now that Tami’s back, Royce wants her side of the story. Apparently Tami did not appreciate having her purse-snatching actions questioned.

    For some reason, we get the feeling that if Royce had co-signed Tami’s behavior in Tahiti, Tami would still be friends with Royce.

    A change is gonna come

    The circle is shrinking! The final cast dinner was a little small this season with only four women showing up to chow down and chat.

    Evelyn’s getting married, but she’s changed her mind about babies with Chad.

    Meanwhile, Tami’s thinking of moving to Los Angeles to focus on her acting career and to help her daughters achieve their musical dreams. Does this mean we might see another cast migration to "Basketball Wives: L.A."?

    Whatever happens, Shaunie knows that things on "Basketball Wives" will never be the same.

    Shaunie seeks peace

    Could "Basketball Wives" be bad for Shaunie’s brand? The series creator sat down with her pastor to lament the fact that her cast can’t seem to peacefully resolve their issues.

    Conflicts have gotten more and more intense over the season. People have laid hands on each other, thrown bottles and jumped across tables! Certain cast members (and, in some cases, their assistants) seem to be constantly lashing out in one way or another (would we watch if they didn’t?!).

    It’s all become very tiresome for Shaunie to deal with, and she’s starting to worry that all the drama could be hurting her image as a businesswoman. All the violence has forced Shaunie to consider how she might come out of the mess she’s created without breaking any bonds or hurting her image.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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