Review: ‘Single Ladies’ season 2 premiere

    It was out with the old and in with the new on the season 2 premiere of "Single Ladies."

    There were some major changes when "Single Ladies" returned to VH1 on Monday night. For starters, there was no Val as Stacey Dash left the show shortly after season 1 wrapped up.

    But who could have foreseen that there would be no Malcolm (at first) and at least two career changes?

    What we liked:
    - The writers did a good job of explaining Val’s exit, but we wish they had to explained why she went to Milan.
    - We appreciate that Keisha, April and Omar poured one out for Val…but did they have to do it on such a cute dress during store hours? Hilarious.
    - Viewers finally got to see this Shawn dude that turned Keisha into a heartbreaker…well, before she met Malcolm.
    - The writers touch on the fact that there are different types of love. As Raquel found out, you can love someone but love is not enough to keep a relationship going.
    - Omar’s mini-breakdown was priceless.
    - Christina was written off the show along with Val. Good riddance, she didn’t add that much to the story last season.
    - Jerry put his foot down on his relationship with Val. They wanted different things and she left him in Atlanta. He’s not giving her another chance.
    - Malcolm yet again confessed his love for Keisha, when he finally returned.
    - Keisha finally got to give Shawn a piece of her mind.
    - The dialogue was every bit as cheesy as we remember!
    - Bi Boi saw Keisha get arrested and kept the show going after that brief interruption.

    Honorable mention:
    Rick Fox’s tango was on point! He must have retained some of his skills from "Dancing With the Stars."

    What they need to work on:
    - Only two weeks have passed in the story line since last season. We thought the types of changes they made would have taken months!
    - The writers didn’t really explain why Val went to Milan in the first place. Out of all the places she could have gone, why Milan?
    - Why didn’t Raquel bust up her fiance’s bedroom session when she walked in on them?
    - When and why did April switch from doing A&R to promotion? It’s only been two weeks.
    - Keisha let Malcolm off the hook waaay too easy. Words are nice, but homey did just disappear on her.

    We’re still baffled as to why Keisha would seek out  her cheating ex-boyfriend for legal help!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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