Beyoncé controls the crowd

    Beyoncé expects her audience to be on its feet when she hits the stage.

    Don’t go to a Beyoncé show and think you’re just gonna be chilling out in your seat! Oh, no, the "Diva" singer is not having it.

    During one of her shows at the Revel Resort this weekend, Bey playfully laid into some of her fans that were still sitting down. She interrupted her performance of "Why Don’t You Love Me" to address them directly. After she got the desired outcome, she flitted over to another audience member that was really getting down!



    Beyoncé works hard to please her fans! And she asked fans what they want to hear on her next album.

    "What do y’all want? Y’all want to dance?! You want some ballads?" she asked. "A little rock & roll?  Soul?  How about I just do it all!"

    Check out some more photos and videos from Bey’s show below!



    —Sonya Eskridge


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