Issa Rae dishes on ‘Awkward Black Girl’ season 2

    "The  Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" will be back in a matter of days, but what should fans expect to see?

    Season 2 of "Awkward Black Girl" kicks off June 14, and there are some big changes ahead for the wildly popular web series. Anyone who’s been watching "Awkward Black Girl" knows that things at gut busters have been shaken up, but off-camera, it couldn’t be going better for the show and creator Issa Rae.

    "Awkward Black Girl" will expand its audience now that it’s been picked up by Pharrell’s YouTube Channel iamOTHER. Like every other fan of the show, we at S2S have been waiting on pins and needles to see the show return. 

    Since we’re impatient, we got a little preview!  When S2S caught up with Issa, who plays title character J, earlier this year, we just had to know what she’s dreaming up for season 2!

    "You can look forward to some interracial dating awkward moments," Issa told S2S. "You can look forward to meeting White Jay’s and Jay’s families. And just the new office politics now that we have a new boss."

    Madison T. Shockely III, who plays Fred, chimed in with his personal wish list for season. "It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between Fred and J in the office now that Fred’s in the friend zone," he said. "We’ll see how that works out."

    He added, "I’d like to see Fred have some love interest, connect with somebody. I want to see Fred not lonely." The big question for season 1 was whether J would choose to date Fred or White Jay. She’d been crushing on Fred since the beginning of the show, but White Jay just sort of got J.

    Much like Twilight and The Hunger Games, "Awkward Black Girl" fans had very strong opinions about who J should date. While some fans were disappointed with J’s decision, Madison wasn’t sweating it.  "I wasn’t disappointed. I think it makes for a really interesting storyline going forward,"

    Issa told us that the fans were really the ones who drove the outcome of the love triangle. And since White Jay’s character was a bit more developed it made sense for J to pick him.

    That decision aside, though, Issa still tends to stick with her idea of how the series should flow, though she appreciates all the love from watchers.  "We definitely read all the comments we don’t just necessarily put them into our story telling," Issa explained.

    "Awkward Black Girl" has been so well received, in fact, that she show won a webbie for Best Web Series, beating out hundreds of other shows for the honor.

    "It’s pretty amazing, I just never expected that people would treat the series as a movement," Issa said of the reaction to her show. "I’m just so appreciative for the love and the feedback that the people are behind us and rooting for us. You can’t ask for anything more than that."

    And if Issa had any anxiety about releasing the show, it seems to have been well worth the risk. "There was a fear of putting it out there," she said, "because I’m putting myself out there, but it’s worked out in the best way imaginable."

    Issa will continue putting herself out there this season, especially through song, like in the "Awkward Black Girl" season 2 teaser below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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