Meagan Good does burlesque

    Meagan Good is defending her right to have one last wild time before she becomes a wife.

    Meagan became a Pussycat Doll for a night last weekend in Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Sun, her mother and future mother-in-law were there for the performance, for which Meagan mostly kept herself covered up.

    The Think Like a Man actress may have done a little shimmey and shake, but she didn’t feel the need to get naked.

    “I’m actually not going to undress," she told the Las Vegas Sun. "I’m going to be a Pussycat Doll, the overly dressed Pussycat Doll. I am only going to be doing some burlesque dancing, but I won’t be doing any stripping of clothes. Las Vegas will just see a little bit!"

    She dolled up in feathers, furs, and a form-fitting bodysuit, but she wanted to make sure that her tummy, booty and other girly bits were covered up for the show. "I won’t be having any of my prized possessions hanging out," she said.

    Meagan acknowledged that her hubby to be wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of his bride wiggling around for the crowd, but he accepted it.

    “He is not ecstatic about it, but it’s a bachelorette party. It’s the last time before I’m a married woman, and he understands that," Meagan explained. "He wants me to have fun and be happy and do the things that I want to do on my bucket list and not let people’s opinions of what I should and shouldn’t be doing control how we live our lives."

    People had a lot to say about her performance and questioned her Christianity, and Meagan set the record straight on her behavior. 

    "If you see footage you will see I was covered up having fun dancing and enjoying myself with my friends and family and absolutely not doing a striptease," Meagan tweeted. "People are ridiculous .. Can’t a [girl] enjoy her bachelorette party in peace."

    See what all the fuss was about in the video below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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