Tyler Perry denies Bobbi Kristina walkout

    Tyler Perry is shooting down rumors that Bobbi Kristina walked off the set of his sitcom "For Better or Worse."

    Yesterday RadarOnline.com  reported that Bobbi quit her recurring gif on the show since she’s still having a hard dealing with her mother Whitney Houston’s death.

    However, show creator Tyler said Radar Online’s sources were wrong. When he heard the reports that Bobbi quit, Tyler took to his website and stated, "NOT TRUE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! There is no way that she could have walked off the set because we have finished taping the season."

    Tyler revealed that the part had been written specifically for Bobbi after her mother’s funeral.  "Krissi and I spent a long time talking about her goals and dreams. She said she wanted to act" Tyler recalled, adding that he thought a part on "For Better Or Worse" might help Bobbi in the healing process. "I thought that there would be no better way for me to help her move through the grieving than by giving her something to focus on."

    Admittedly their were some tough days for Bobbi on the set and she would take a moment when she needed it. But Tyler understands what she’s going through because his mother has also passed on. "Being someone who knows about losing their mother, I know grief comes in different ways and you never know when it’s going to hit you or how it’s going to hit you, for that matter" Tyler said. "Some days you’re smiling and happy and some days you’re so broken that you can’t stop crying."

    Despite Bobbi’s emotional challenges, Tyler contends that it did not affect her performance. "Yes she was grieving," he said, "but grief aside, she managed to finish her obligation and did a great job at the same time."

    With that he implored the public to give Bobbi Kristina all the time she needs to cope with her mother’s death. "PLEASE LEAVE THIS BABY ALONE!!!!" he demanded. "Please stop the lies and give this child some room to breathe and grieve."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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