Woman gives birth after attack


    Saturday, a Detroit woman stared death in the face, and on Tuesday gave birth to new life.

    In a tale of tragedy turned triumph, 22-year-old Latonya Bowman was abducted, tied up, set on fire and shot, The Huffington Post reports.

    The expecting mother survived by hitting the ground, and rolling to put out the flames. During her struggle to douse the flames, she heard 2 gunshots, one of which hit the back of her shoulder. Bowman then played dead and the attacker fled the scene, at which point she got into her vehicle drove to a phone and called her mother.

    Police call Latonya’s survival instincts nothing short of remarkable.

    The attack was allegedly orchestrated by Jamal Rogers and carried out by Antonio Mathis (pictured above). Police say the two men, who were friends, began planning the attack back in March.

    Jamal is Latonya’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her newborn baby. He told police that he already has two children and indicated that he did not intend to have a third.

    Both men are being charged with attempted murder as well as other crimes and have been denied bail.

    According to The Huffington Post, Latonya is expected to make a full recovery from burns on her forehead and torso, and gave birth at a Detroit-area hospital. She was three weeks away from her due date.

    Watch the news report below.

    —Jacob Rohn


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