Laura Govan said ‘BBW:LA’ wasn’t her

    Reality star Laura Govan wants fans to know there’s a difference between who she really is and what they viewed on “Basketball Wives: LA.”
    Laura said that she and her sister Gloria Govan pitched the idea of a “BBW: LA” spin-off to VH1 because on season 1 of the show she was being attacked by women she had never even met.

    “I felt like I needed an outlet to voice my opinions and show people who I really am and not who these women tried to create me to be,” she told Edge magazine.

    After “BBW: LA” aired, Laura said that the biggest misconception about her was that she’s a bully.

    “I’m a very nice person, and the only time I have problems is when someone takes my kindness for weakness,” she said.

    Aside from the personality portrayed on TV, Laura is a nurturing mother to her four children, all under the age of 5. She said that if being a mother has taught her anything, it’s patience and time management.

    While the series portrayed her as a stylish, edgy, independent woman, she said fans would probably be surprised to know that she is a very domestic woman. She cooks dinner for her children and fiancé every night, does the laundry and takes the kids to school.

    “When I’m not filming, I’m always with my children,” she said. “I really am a modern day housewife.”

    When asked about her on again, off again relationship with Gilbert Arenas, she said that they do what’s in the best interest of their four children.

    “We were separated for a couple of months, and as soon as we saw each other again, we forgot what split us apart in the first place. All of our feelings for one another came rushing back, and we fell in love all over again,” she said.

    In addition to planning their upcoming wedding, Laura will soon be releasing a work out DVD and a healthy eating cook book for the everyday working man and woman who don’t have the time to dedicate to being in the kitchen for hours preparing meals.

    See photos of Laura and Gilbert, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony and other celebreality couples.

    —Kimberley Glascoe

    Would you like to see Laura and Gloria with their own show? Should they return to "Basketball Wives: LA"? Leave your comments below.


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