MD student cannibalizes housemate

    A Morgan State University student admitted to police that he killed his housemate, dismembered him and ate part of his brain and heart.

    Alexander Kinyua, 21, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his housemate, Ghanaian native Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, and is being held without bond.

    According to charging documents published by The Baltimore Sun, Kujoe was reported missing on May 26. He had left home the day before dressed in shorts and a T-shirt for an early morning jog and never returned. On May 29, Antony Kinuya, Alexander’s father, reported that his other son, Jarrod Kinuya, found what appeared to be human remains in the basement of the family home. Jarrod reported the remains were in two metal tins covered by a blanket. He opened the tins and found a human head and two human hands. Jarrod confronted his brother, who denied the remains were human.

    Police searched the home and discovered the human remains on the main floor of the residence. After an interview with police, Alexander admitted he mutilated the body with a knife and ingested his heart and part of his brain. He also told police that the rest of Kujoe’s remains were in a dumpster behind a local church a few blocks away.

    A police spokesman told The Baltimore Sun that Alexander’s confession was described as “matter-of-fact” and unremorseful. Police still do not know of a motive.

    Classmates and Morgan State officials reported Alexander’s pattern of troubling behavior. According to The Baltimore Sun, in January, Alexander was dismissed from the school’s ROTC program for not following orders and earlier in May, he was arrested for allegedly fracturing a student’s skull in a stairwell in what campus police described as a “random” attack. Alexander was facing expulsion from the university when the murder occurred. Just days before the attack, Alexander also posted QR Codes, or barcodes, on his Facebook page leading to bizarre messages about university shootings and “death cults.”

    This attack comes a week after a similarly bizarre “zombie” attack in Miami, in which the victim, a homeless man identified as Ronald Poppo, 65, suffered severe facial damage after Rudy Eugene, 31, brutally attacked him.  The [UK] Daily Mail reported that 75 percent of Ronald’s face was torn off before police shot his attacker to death.

    Get more on the story. Watch the news report below.


    —Malaika Nicholas


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