Michael Ealy is done with H’wood loves

    Michael Ealy is swearing off “crazy women” who work in the same industry he’s in.

    “I’ve been done with [dating industry women]. You do it for years and years and years—theater, television, film. It’s a workplace thing,” he said.

    It might seem like common sense not to date insane women, but Michael admitted that he used to have a bit of a “savior complex” when it came to women, which made him want to save them from whatever daddy or cheating issues they had.

    “I think there was a part of me that was just attracted to the crazy. I tended to involve myself with women that brought drama,” he said.

    However, after a few less-than-ideal relationships, Michael has seen the light.

    “The difference for me now is that I’m mature enough to know that this is a work thing. The minute we stop production, I’m not going to feel this way anymore.”


    Michael, who has had his hands full lately starring in Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man” and his role as L.A. cop Travis Marks on USA’s “Common Law” was recently rumored as being Taraji P. Henson’s love interest on and off the big screen.

    Hmm…so we’re guessing this rumor is false.


    Watch Michael and Kevin Hart talk Hollywood friendships. Watch.

    —Kimberley Gladscoe

    Eric Benet and Michael have both admitted that they used to like crazy women, but not anymore. Are they talking about Halle Berry? Leave your comments below.


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