‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 6.5.12

    Producers were prepared for battle on the season 4 finale of "Basketball Wives," but cooler heads prevailed.

    Almost from the word "go" (if not a little before), this season of "Basketball Wives" was the most explosive yet.

    Sure, there were new cast members to greet, and the women had to catch up with each other after the previous cycle’s break, but the shouting matches had already begun by the time they rolled credits on the season premiere.

    Things only got more volatile from there, as many viewers know. Smacks, purse snatchings and bottle tosses have ensured that this season was packed with drama.

    But after so many arguments, potential viewers became irritated with all of the negativity. Shaunie revealed that their complaints have not fallen on deaf ears, and the viewing public can expect a more balanced "Basketball Wives" next season.

    Tami takes control of her temper

    Okay, we admit it, when we first saw Kesha Nichols, we were pretty sure she was the first White cast member of "Basketball Wives."

    Although her wording could have been a bit more tactful, Tami Roman just asked what was on many Black viewers’ mind. Unfortunately, her first interaction with Kesha set the tone for their relationship because the way Tami asked about Kesha’s ethnicity rubbed the cast newbie the wrong way. 

    Despite their differences and past confrontations, Tami and Kesha seemed to come an understanding. That, of course, came after Tami apologized for the way she handled things in Tahiti, where it seemed that she forgot all about her anger management tips.

    But after seeing a clip from earlier in the season, it served as a reminder that Tami isn’t always hollering at people.


    Evelyn’s regret

    Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may get you bashed in the head with a wine bottle.

    In general, the so-called bullies of "Basketball Wives" seem sorry for the way they behaved this season. However, Evelyn Lozada feels like she took things a little too far when she grabbed a wine bottle and hurled it at Kenya Bell, who supposedly called her "loose."

    Ever since that episode aired, Evelyn has said that she regreted doing that, but she took the reunion as another oportunity to express her remorse over the situation.


    Jen vs. Evelyn

    The ongoing battle this time around was between Evelyn and Jennifer Williams, who was kept backstage for a good portion during part 1 of the reunion.

    Before Jen came out, Evelyn got a chance to explain why there may never be reconciliation between the two. Unfortunately, the audience never got an answer as to why Jen made no move to get up while Nia Crooks came around the table with the obvous intent to slap her.


    Come on out, Jen

    Listen, first of all, .Jennifer seemed thoroughly done with the situation when she came to the set escorted by bodyguards. Apparently the separation was for her own protection.

    Once Evelyn had her say, Jen got to give her side of the story, and she even clarified allegations that she lived with her ex-friend Nia Crooks.

    But for those that did not feel like Jen gave a straight answer, she’ll be takng a lie detector test next week.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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