Kenya Bell explains her ‘crazy’ tendencies

    With her untamed hair and intense stares, Kenya Bell was quickly deemed the crazy new cast member of “Basketball Wives” season 4, but she argued that she’s the most sane.

    “If you watch this season though, I’m probably the least crazy on the damn show!” she told VH1. “When you see the stillness, that’s where I am, in my peace mode, and when I come out of that, you will see crazy and I don’t think anybody on the show wants to see that.”

    Kenya didn’t actually show the crazy or physically attack anyone on the show, but there were signs that she could possibly go there if needed. She even removed her shoes during one verbal exchange, promoting fellow newcomer Kesha Nichols to flee.

    “I almost went there when I took off my kitten heels that everybody loved to talk about. My Gucci kitten heels, by the way. I almost let the crazy loose then, but I contained the dragon,” she said.

    While Kenya was able to control herself, she was almost on the receiving end of some crazy when veteran co-star Evelyn Lozada hurled a full wine bottle and plate toward her.

    According to Kenya, if producers hadn’t held her back, viewers might have witnessed some craziness.

    “I couldn’t get back in the room because I was very angry after the bottle was thrown at me, and I wanted to get at her and security wouldn’t allow me back in,” said Kenya who, in retrospect, is glad things didn’t escalate to that level.

    “Looking back on it, I’m glad I didn’t, but if I had been hit by that bottle I would have definitely pressed charges. There would be no ifs, ands or buts about it,” said Kenya, whose on-screen buddy Jennifer Williams filed a lawsuit against her “BBW” attacker.

    Their fellow co-stars questioned the friendship between Kenya and Jennifer, but the aspiring singer said their bond is real.

    “I’m very slow to get cool with somebody. When you get older, you don’t make a lot of new friends. So, I was surprised that Jenn and I really clicked,” she said.

    It’s unclear where Kenya stands with her other castmates. The ladies seemed to adjust to her personality and subjected her to a bit of an initiation prank when they filled her room with dead sea creatures.

    Kenya said she did smell something in her room when she first got to Tahiti for the cast vacation, but she assumed the critters were removed after she complained about the smell.

    “When they came to clean, I was sitting out reading a book and I really never saw anything,” Kenya explained. “Once I found out there was a fish in my room, I was like, ‘Who does that?’”


    See photos of Kenya, Jennifer, Shaunie O’Neal, Draya Michele and more "Basketball Wives."

    —Tracy L. Scott

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