Kim Zolciak denies eviction

    Kim Zolciak might be looking to relocate her family soon, but is it by choice or is she being evicted?

    Kim and hubby Kroy Biermann are responding to claims that they’re being kicked out of their home by landlord Kendra Davis. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans may remember Kendra as the woman who was scrambling to get Kim’s new home set up in a day on season 4 of the show.

    While Marlo Hampton used the reunion show as an opportunity put Kim on blast for renting the home, Kim quickly pointed out that she and Kroy were actually getting ready to buy the home. That’s no longer the case.

    A source close to the reality star told that Kim and Kroy have decided to move because they found out they were being overcharged. Supposedly, an appraiser told the couple that the home they were prepared to buy at $3 million is really only worth about $2 million. 

    According to Kendra, however, she’s kicking Kim and Kroy out for not paying their rent.

    Kim’s camp claims that those allegations didn’t crop up until the couple backed out on the real estate deal. "Oh! So now I dont pay my rent LMAO," Kim tweeted in response to the rumors. "Ppl will say anything for attention. I know if ppl werent paying me Id have a lawyer not twitter court."

    Granted, reports that Kim and Kroy are still in the home on a month-to-month lease, but the reality star also thinks that her landlord is just trying to grab some spotlight. Kim told TMZ that she’s now decided to set her family up in a different rental while she and Kroy build their own house.

    Kendra doesn’t seem to care what Kim’s telling the public right now, though, as long as she vacates. And she seems confident that everyone will see things her way soon.

    "Well she dreamed of trash until she realized she couldn’t afford it! LOL. As long as she gets out I don’t care what she says!" Kendra stated via Twitter. "Truth always prevails! I’m going to continue to conduct business the way I always have. But be clear! It will all reveal it’s self in time!"

    And for those that don’t believe her story, she pondered, "Hmmm. Perhaps I should start sharing emails."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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