Honor student arrested for murder by mistake

    A Baltimore honor student was hauled off by police after being mistaken for a murder.

    MSNBC.com reports that Tiarra Brown of Casa Academy in Baltimore was arrested Thursday on charges of attempted murder while she and her classmates were rehearsing for commencement.

    The 17-year-old honor student wound up missing her graduation because she was held in booking for four days.

    Authorities began the process of dropping charges when they realized they had the wrong person. However, Tiarra’s mother Catia Brown doesn’t know how the police could have made such a mix-up in the first place.

    “That’s not her profile. She’s an honor roll student," Catia said. "She has scholarships going to college June 21. She did track and field. She worked all year to pay for her graduation, and she missed graduation for a misunderstanding."

    A awarrant was issued May 6 for a stabbing outside of the Half Mile Track Club in Baltimore. Reportedly, the victim’s daughter made a sworn statement against someone named Tiara Brown, alleging that she stabbed her mom six times. To make matters more confusing, Baltimore police had already arrested a woman named Brittany Johnson and charged her with the crime.

    Unfortunately, cops locked up Tiarra without questioning. They didn’t notice that anything was wrong until a warrant for Tiarra came through and authorties wondered who she was and how she was connected to the crime.

    According to Tiarra’s parents, the victim and two witness were shown the student’s picture and none of them recognized her from the stabbing.

    “It was negligence on their side, and I think it’s disgraceful to just pick a person out and charge them without investigating,” said Catia. “She’s always in the house. She’s too young to go to a club. She’s never been to a club a day in her life.”

    Once officers realized their mistake, they went to the state’s attorney so that Tiarra could be released. The honor student was set free on Monday at 6 p.m.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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