Stacy Francis addresses Whitney Houston rumors

    While Stacy Francis should be high off life celebrating the release of her new single, she’s still battling the dark cloud that was her altercation with idol Whitney Houston right before her death.

    “It’s something I don’t need to really discuss anymore. I don’t want to stir up her fans; we need to let her rest.”

    Stacy told S2S that she understands Whitney’s death is still new to her fans, and she just wants to be able to move on from the incident, which she calls a misunderstanding. While the media has reported many versions of the story, including one that had Stacy stalking Whitney and pushing up on her alleged beau Ray J, Stacy contends that no one will really ever know what went down.

    “I am an old family friend of Ray J and have known him for 15 years. Ray J came in and hugged me and it became a misunderstanding,” she explained to S2S.

    But how is Ray J coping with the loss of his good friend Whitney? “Ray J and I have spoken and I wanted to make sure he was OK,” Stacy said. “He’s a very strong man, a good guy and his relationship with God has gotten stronger since.”

    But even with the stress of losing an idol and dealing with the aftermath of the altercation, Stacy has been busy in the studio recording her debut album. Her new single, a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” has been heating up the charts since it was released on iTunes in May.

    “I have this gift that I really want to share with this world,” Stacy told S2S. “No one will really understand what happened and I just hope that I don’t have to talk about it the rest of my career. Whitney told me God is a God of second chances.” 


    For more of Stacy’s relationship with her idol and her new album, make sure to pick up the August of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

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    —Christina Coleman

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