Star Jones understands Evelyn Lozada

    Star Jones has revealed that she and "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada have come to an understanding.

    Star spoke out against the cast of "Basketball Wives" for their outlandish antics this season shortly after S2S broke news of a boycott against Evelyn’s spin-off "Ev and Ocho." Somehow, Star forming a coalition against the show got spun into her being credited for starting the boycott.

    The petition, however, was actually started by a Spelman student going by the handle Alexis M. on When Star sat down with Wendy Williams yesterday, she wanted to clear up the confusion.

    "I was never encouraging anybody to boycott somebody’s job. That’s not what I’m about," Star insisted.

    The "Today" contributor did say that she was disturbed to see the episode where Evelyn jumped across a table at Jennifer Williams after Evelyn’s assistant Nia Crooks slapped Jenn in the face. "It just struck me really, really to the core that young Brown girls were watching this example of Brown women on television and getting their self image," said Star.

    "I started to talk about it, and I talked about it on social media and I was pretty harsh when it came down to [it]," Star added. "We don’t have many options on television to watch Brown women. We don’t have as much as the majority and little girls deserve our very best."

    The lawyer-turned-TV personality shared that she and Evelyn later connected over a "series of conversations and e-mails" where Ev revealed that things clicked for her during a drive with her soon-to-be stepdaughters. The girls were riding in the car with Evelyn, and they were pretending to act like the reality star.

    "That should make every one of you scared," Star told the audience. "If you’re little girls—your nieces and goddaughters, your daughters—think that that is the way to act, that would make me scared, too. She felt it as a mother, so I take her at her word."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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