Is Sweetie Hughes working for Kim Zolciak again?

    Could Sweetie Hughes be back on Kim Zolciak’s payroll after being fired last year?

    To let Kim tell it, she had to let go of Sweetie in order to preserve their friendship and Kim recently tweeted a shot of her and buddy/employee. In April, Kim told Wendy Williams that Sweetie was back with her part-time, but could she back with the Biermann family again full-time?

    “Beautiful day outside still waiting on an eviction notice. Love working at a mansion,” Sweetie tweeted yesterday along with a pic from inside Kim’s home. The post was a shot at Kendra Davis, who’s been claiming that she’s evicting Kim and her family for non-payment of rent in a real estate deal gone bad.

    That followed a tweet from Kim’s oldest daughter Brielle earlier this week, indicating that the family’s former assistant was spending the night.

    "@sweetieHughes I never thought this day would come!,” Brielle said. “Oh my gosh janet, berta & sweetie are sleeping at my house tonight #partyyy"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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