Tyler Perry praises Bobbi Kristina’s acting

    Not only did Bobbi Kristina not make a dramatic exit from the set of one of Tyler Perry’s sitcoms, she did an impressive job acting while she was there, according to Tyler.

    “I’m so proud of her because she said she wanted to act, and I had a feeling she could, but I wasn’t sure until she hit the set,” Tyler told “Entertainment Tonight.”

    He was skeptical at first, but Tyler said it didn’t take long for Bobbi to win him over with her talent.

    “The first couple of shows she did, she had very few lines because I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but the kid showed up and blew my mind. She definitely has it. She’s definitely an actor. So, she has ‘it,’” said Tyler, who quickly pounced on those rumors about her leaving the show unexpectedly.

    “What I’ve noticed is when these kinds of rumors start, the best thing to do is to immediately go after them,” said Tyler, whose approach differs from some celebs who allow the gossip to go unchecked.

    With more than 7 million fans on Facebook alone, Tyler said he knew social media was the fastest way to put the rumors to rest and that was important to him.

    “What I want more than anything for her is to have a moment of peace for herself to grieve, to go through what she needs to go through, without lies, without the rumors, without all the horrible things that are being said,” he said.

    While he’s busy with his TV series, plays, movies and pending network, Tyler recently took time out to tape an appearance on the upcoming cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.”

    Tyra and Tyler talk about his “ANTM” challenge below. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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