Does Nia Crooks regret slapping Jennifer Williams?

    Nia Crooks is living with the negative consequences of slapping Jennifer Williams on “Basketball Wives.”

    “I just wish my reaction wouldn’t have been that. I can’t take that back now, but that’s the way I was raised. That’s how I grew up. That’s a normal reaction of mine,” said Nia, explaining why her verbal confrontation with Jennifer became physical.

    Although the two were formerly friends, Jennifer has a lawsuit pending against Nia for assaulting her on TV.

    Though she was rarely seen on the series before then, the incident catapulted Nia into reality TV history, and she learned fame isn’t always fortunate.

    “I could never imagine being in this predicament over something like that. And a person that I used to love is now just somebody I knew. It’s hell,” she told VH1. “It’s not easy.”

    While she hasn’t enjoyed being in the limelight, Nia suggested it’s Jennifer who has really struggled with her newfound celebrity.

    “Some people’s heads get inflated. Some don’t,” said Nia. “If you have new people around you in your life, and it’s not the people you’ve been around forever, that says a lot about a person.”

    Find out what Tamia, Brandy, Nicki Minaj, NeNe Leakes and more have had to say about “Basketball Wives.”

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Nia was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame, or was she really that upset about Jennifer hanging out with new friends? Leave your comments below.


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