Girl Scouts celebrate 100th anniversary

    The National Mall was flooded with girls in their own customized tie-dye T-shirts, moms carrying overflowing coolers of water and snacks, and even a few dads carrying lawn chairs and beach umbrellas.

    Despite the 90-degree weather Saturday, more than 200,000 Girl Scouts braved the heat to attend this year’s “Girl Scouts Rock the Mall” in Washington, DC. The Washington Monument was surrounded by young girls swapping trinkets with other troops, playing fun trivia on stage, and showing off their colorful badges on those familiar teal green vests.

    This event not only celebrated the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts in the United States, but also introduced Dove’s Movement for Self Esteem, which aims at helping girls develop positive self-esteem and encouraging them to reach their full potential. It was also the largest gathering of Girl Scouts to date. The event included a “Sing-a-Long” with music, song, and dance from musical artists such as Candace Coles, Erin Willett, and Thia Megia.

    Dove teamed up actress and recording artist Mandy Moore to introduce four “real women” who have made significant contributions to the world and have become incredible role models for young girls. 

Sister 2 Sister got a chance to talk to Toni Blackman, a Dove honoree, who has used the power of hip-hop and spoken word to help refugee girls and women find their own voice through music.

    “For me, it’s really about promoting what I believe in and opening up the opportunity for women to make a difference in girls’ lives,” Toni told S2S. “And opening up the opportunity for girls to inspire one another and expanding what a role model is.”

    Pastry Brand Ambassador and recording artist Jessica Jarrell (pictured) was also present at the Rock the Mall event representing Dove, bringing a fresh face to its self-esteem movement. Jessica began singing by overcoming her shyness and now, she says she’s confident and believes in herself.

    “You can’t let those things stop you from doing what you want to do,” Jessica told S2S. Jessica has a positive message for young women, which happens to be a line from one of her songs: “I’d rather jump and fall than never jump at all,” she said.

    For more information about how to join the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem, visit Check out pictures of Jessica and Toni from “Girl Scouts Rock the Mall” event last weekend.

    —Malaika Nicholas


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