Kesha Nichols disses ‘Basketball Wives’ cast and producers

    Kesha Nichols thinks "Basketball Wives" has done nothing to help the image of Black women  and she blames Shaunie O’Neal for that.

    The usually soft-spoke reality star took off her gloves and took to to make a video about her experience on "BBW." And, might we add, she didn’t waste time taking a hit at most of the cast and producers either.

    “There’s a lot of things that happened, and a lot of realizations that I had just as a female,” she told She said for her to say mean things and get in someone’s face, it would have to be about something that was really close to her heart. However she noticed that it takes a lot less for other people to go off.

    “The things that Tami [Roman] was arguing with me about weren’t important to me. The problems that Tami has with me, it doesn’t have anything to do with me,” she said.

    Despite the fact the Tami has publicly said she’s sorry about the way she acted towards Kesha, the "BBW" newbie doesn’t feel that it was a genuine apology. As a result, she said that she and Tami are not on great terms. “I do not have a relationship with Tami at all,” said Kesha.

    Kesha talked about how she wrote all about the different types of bullying on her blog, and that no one of the show came to her rescue, not even Shaunie, labeling her a secondary bully.

    “Shaunie definitely could have used her influence and her friendship with these ladies to stop some of the bullying and not one time did she stand up and say anything,” she said. When Kesha came on the show, she thought the producers had cast her to show a different side of Brown women, which didn’t happen.

    “I don’t think that there has been anything positive shown about Black women on this show," said Kesha. "I thought at some point we would all come together and have each other’s backs as sisters, and that never happened,” she said.

    Kesha said that she wanted to speak out numerous times and tell everyone that they should do the opposite of what the world was expecting them to do and to uplift each other because of all the young girls who watch the show. “I never realized how many young girls look up to the women in this show and other reality TV shows and they’re emulating what they see and what they’re seeing is not positive,” she said.

    And Kesha knows not to look for any sympathy or help among the show’s crew. She said she understands that "Basketball Wives" is a show and that in order for the story lines to connect, someone has to be friends with everyone, and that’s where Suzie comes in.

    “I do think that Suzie does talk a lot, but I do think the producers use her as well. You don’t know if Suzie said it or if the producers showed this footage or—bottom line is, they’re trying to make a show. I realized that in Tahiti,” Kesha explained.

    While she may be well acquainted with many people responsible for producing the show (some live in her hometown and her grandmother knows them by name), Kesha had to come to terms with the fact that they are not putting those friendships above the end product.

    “They’re not my friends, they’re here to make a show and that’s the #1 goal," said Kesha, "and it doesn’t matter what’s going on. They’re not going to step into the scene if they’re gonna mess up something that could be great for TV.”




    What does everyone else have to say about "Basketball Wives"? Find out below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe




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