Erica Reid wants kids to eat healthy

    Erica Reid, author of The Thriving Child, believes you are what you eat, and she warns parents about giving their children fast food.

    “If you’re going to stop somewhere and get something that is at a fast food place, then think about what you’re getting. If you are getting chicken nuggets, then let that be it. You don’t have to get the drink, the dessert…” said Erica, a vegan, which means she doesn’t eat meat or dairy products.

    Erica said she understands that busy moms don’t always have time to prepare complete and healthy meals. Not only is fast food quick, but few would deny that ordering off the dollar menu is cheaper than shopping at an organic market, but actually, Erica does disagrees.

    “If you don’t feed your kids well, you’re going to spend a lot of money. You’re going to be in the doctor’s office all the time, and you’re going to miss work ‘cause they’re sick, or you’re going to have to pay for babysitting,” Erica explained. “In the long run, it’s cheaper.”


    Erica prepares a healthy meal for Jamie Foster Brown and talks portion control. Watch.

    Erica talks about her book, her marriage to L.A. Reid and healthy living in the July 2012 issue of
    Sister 2 Sister.







    —Tracy L. Scott




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